Elio Altare manages this tiny estate, established in 2008, together with Antonio Bonanni who comes from a very old local family. For Elio the aim of this project is to revalue this very particular area of Italy and at the same time to encourage young people to work in the vineyards. The vines all stand on terraces, of which only one, Campogrande, is big enough to be cultivated with a motorhoe, the others can only be cultivated by hand. The land here is so steep that the stones to rebuild the walls of the terraces had to be carried by helicopter. As the quantity of grapes that can be harvested each day is minimal, the clusters are stored in a refrigerated container before being crushed. Although the wine produced here is white, Elio vinifies it as a red wine: maceration on the skins for four days, malolactic fermentation, no filtration, 100% in steel. This “Bianco delle Cinque Terre” reminds one of a Riesling, it is mineral, with no residual sugar, tasty, it could be described as austere. It is certainly unique!

Toni Fadness