Cinqueterre Campogrande Altare  Bonanni    

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The story of wine in the Cinque Terre goes back to the times of the Roman Empire. From the hills to the coast men and women built terraced vineyards and made a great wine, appreciated by kings and popes and celebrated by poets like Petrarca.

Until these days the viticulture in the Unesco World Heritage Site is done by hand, and the winemakers have a long way to walk alongside the steep hills carrying heavy baskets of grapes on their shoulders. The archaic method led many of the young inhabitants to abandon the vineyards.

Fortunately some years ago the great potential of this terroir has been rediscovered by some courageous winemakers, between them Elio Altare, the well-known Barolo winemaker, and Antonio Bonanni, grown up near the vineyards of the Cinque Terre. It is their aim to contribute to give new life to this legendary terroir.

With the „Cinqueterre Campogrande“ they offer a rare, exceptional wine for connoisseurs.


A great wine